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The Essex Way: Coggeshall to White Notley

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Description & Map

Title: Essex Way: Coggeshall to White Notley
Coggeshall to White Notley map extract Distance: about 7½ miles
Time taken: 3 hours
Start Point: Church Green, Coggeshall
OS Explorer Map: 195 & 183
Grid Ref.: TL 855 226
Transport: Bus 70 from Marks Tey Railway Station, & White Notley Railway Station (Braintree/Witham)
Refreshment: The Willows, Cressing
                    The Cross Keys, White Notley

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Bing map Coggeshall to White Notley Map (Bing OS 1:25k)
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St Nicholas' Chapel (12th C.)

Walk Description

Coggeshall itself and the countryside around, is full of history. Although the Essex Way does not take you through the heart of Coggeshall, with all its ancient, prettily painted cottages, you do get to see Pointwell Mill, St Nicholas' Chapel and Grange Barn. The views across the countryside at the start of the walk are very pleasant too. The approach into White Notley is lovely as well - a long sweep through fields with good views across Essex, a walk through a tunnel, and then a stroll through lush meadows and past Fambridge Hall.
However although this section of the Essex Way starts and ends in pleasant and interesting countryside, the middle third is not really up to much, with quite a lot of single file walking between fences and hedges, and featureless terrain, with not much of a view to either side.

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pdf Download Description & Directions PDF here

A. From Church Green, Coggeshall, look for the tarmac footpath heading south opposite St Peter-ad-Vincula church. This path takes you along an alleyway adjacent to the school playing fields, then out into the recreation grounds. Keep heading south with the hedge to your left, to East Street, then turn left.
B. Walk along the road for about 150 yards then turn right onto a stony footpath after the last of the houses, southeast towards Pointwell Mill (1). Continue on this path for about 400 yards, then bear right past the pumping station and continue for another 400 yards southwest. When you reach a footpath crossroads, turn right to cross the bridges to the mill.
C. As you cross the second bridge, you find yourself in a farmyard. Bear right to cross the yard with the barn on your left and the old farmhouse on your right heading northwest, and carry on straight ahead, leaving the farmyard between a paddock and the walled farmhouse garden. Head along the gravely track heading roughly west.
D. After a few yards you will come to St Nicholas' Chapel. Keep walking west along the track until you reach Grange Hill.
E. Cross the road and proceed straight ahead onto the track which runs west alongside Grange Barn. Bear left to pass an old fuel pump, then bear right to head west along the farm track (2). Keep walking westwards along this track for a little over a mile (3).
F. As you approach Curd Hall Farm you will see some paddocks in front of the farm (4). Turn right to walk alongside the paddock fence, then left at the end of the paddock to head west again, until you come to a tall green fence.
G. At the fence turn right and head north, downhill. At the bottom of the hill you cross the access road into the sand and gravel pits. Turn left onto the footpath, which is immediately to the right of the boundary fence (5).
H. Continue walking westwards until you come out into a field, then walk on until you come to a farm. When we were there we could see some very cute alpaca grazing near the farm. When you reach the farm access road, turn left to the lane then turn right to follow the lane downhill.
I. After 300 yards you will come to a nasty, litter strewn lay-by on the left with a footpath sign pointing southwards. Averting your eyes from the ambient unpleasantness, follow the path. There is a huge embankment on your left. After a few yards the path turns right up a much smaller bank and into a small wooded area. Follow the path through the woods to the access road, go straight across this (6) and carry on for another 400 yards, through another wooded area, to Sheepcotes Lane.
J. As you emerge on to the lane you can see opposite and to your left the footpath sign marking the next stage of the path. This takes you through a field in a virtually straight line (7), alongside a silted up brook. Keep going for about a third of a mile, then, shortly before you come to a white house with a reddish roof, you will reach a footpath crossroads. Walk left here to head uphill away from the brook, heading south.
K. The path goes through a gap in a hedge: (8) turn immediately to the right to walk west along the field edge with the hedge on your right.
L. Keep walking for about a quarter of a mile, until you see the hedgerow begins to curve around to the south, towards some woods (9). Follow this hedgeline south. The OS map indicates a different path south across the field but the route on the eastern edge of Link's Wood seems to the usuable way.
M. As you pass the woods you will see an open area in front of you; cross over this to the facing hedge and turn right, following the field edge west until you come to a gap.
N. Go left through the gap (10) and walk south along the field edge for a further 280 yards until you come to a gap in the hedge on you right, leading to a small path which takes you west to the Boars Tye Road
O. Turn right on the road for 250 yards until you come to Egypt Farm,(11) then go left onto the concrete access road. Carry on southwest, past the farmhouse and between the farm buildings until you come to a field edge (12): turn right here past the paddock and then turn left. You can see the spire of All Saints Church, Cressing, through the trees in front of you.
P. As you pass the church (13) and emerge onto Church Road you will see the Essex Way carries on roughly opposite. You can turn right here and head to The Willows pub in Cressing village (about 0.75 miles away): or cross the road and carry on.
Q. The path follows the field edge then after about a third of a mile, passes through some trees and opens onto the B1018. Turn left along here until just before Newbarns Farm opposite. The footpath cuts through a field to the right of the farm (14), then goes into the farmyard passing to the right of one of the barns. Bear right to follow the farm track as it heads southwest, and increasingly begins to descend.
R. Stay on the farm track heading downhill until you come to a tunnel under the railway line. Go through this and as you come out the other side, go to the left of the metal barrier (15). Continue ahead along the field edge with a hedge on your right and exit the field onto a farm track. Turn left here heading southeast along the track up towards Fambridge Hall (16), passing some rare breed pigs on your right.
S. Crunch on gravel past the hall and its outbuildings (17), to the horse-shoe-shaped farm access road. Turn right and 300 yards later, turn right again down Station Road towards a ford and White Notley village centre. To continue along the Essex Way, turn left just before the ford (18). Continue on over the ford for The Cross Keys pub.
T. Alternatively, for White Notley station, turn left at the horse-shoe-shaped access road and left again at Station Road. Walk over the crossing and the station is on your left. There is only one platform.

pdfDownload Description & Directions PDF here



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