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The Centenary Circle - Galleywood to Sandon

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Description & Map

Title: The Centenary Circle - Galleywood to Sandon
OS map extract 
[Click image to enlarge] Distance: 4¾ miles
Time taken: 2 hours
Start Point:Galleywood Common Southern Car Park CM2 8JY
OS Explorer Map: 183
Grid Ref.: TL 704 022
To Galleywood 100 (First) every 15 mins
From Sandon 31, 36, every 15 minutes
Refreshment: The Crown, Sandon

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Bing map Galleywood to Sandon Map (Bing OS 1:25k)
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Great Mascalls Pond

Walk Description

The route from Galleywood Common to Sandon is a pleasant, mostly rural walk through farmland south east of Chelmsford.

There are a few gently rolling hills but the terrain is easy and the views wide and open. Although there is a little urban walking through Great Baddow, the route takes you through quiet residential areas and makes good use of off-road footpaths. Overall, this section of the Centenary Circle manages to avoid major roads making it a quiet and enjoyable walk.

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pdf Download Description & Directions PDF here

A. From the car park/bus stop, walk down Stock Road for about 150 yards to the access road (FP50) to Glebe Farm, and turn left walking east towards the farm cottages (1).
B. Turn left in front of the cottages along an enclosed footpath and into the field. Walk along the field edge with the hedge on your left for about 250 yards then turn hard right to cross the field southwards.
C. Bear left along the hedgeline towards Galleywood Brook. Cross the brook via a footbridge, then turn left to walk north east along its bank (2).
D. Stay alongside the brook for a little over half a mile to a small copse. Go straight ahead through the trees crossing two footbridges (3) and then turn left towards another patch of woodland.
E. Turn right in front of these woods, and follow a track eastwards alongside the woods then across a field, towards Baddow Park Farm (4).
F. As you approach Baddow Park Farmhouse, pass to the left of the house. The footpath ahead has been diverted, so turn left away from the farmhouse heading northwards along a track (5).
G. Follow the farm track for a little over half a mile to Brook Lane (6). Turn right for 100 yards, then left along Vicarage Lane for another 100 yards.
H. Turn right to walk eastwards over a cross field path (7) which takes you down to another brook.
I. Cross a footbridge over the brook and walk up the field edge on the other side, initially with a hedge on your right. About half way up the field cross a small plank bridge through the hedge (8), and continue with the hedge on your left to West Hanningfield Road.
J. Turn left towards Great Mascalls Farm. Go through the farmyard with barns on either side (9).
K. Continue eastwards past a pond, then through a gate into a field. Turn hard left alongside a fence, passing to the left of a solitary tree, and climb over a stile immediately to the right of the 6-bar gate ahead of you (10) in to another field.
L. Turn left to walk northwards through this field with the hedge on your left, then exit via another stile.
M. You are now in a large field. Looking ahead and slightly left, you will see a white building. Cross the field heading roughly in that direction, towards the inverted corner of the field near a large oak.(11).
N. Keeping a 50 yard hedge run on your left, find the stile through the facing hedge. Cross a narrow field then go over another stile (12) You now need to cross the smaller field ahead of you in a north westerly direction with the BAE Systems Centre ahead and to the left.
O. You will reach the road at a mini roundabout. Turn right to walk north with the houses on your left (13).
P. After 160 yards you will come to the BAE Systems bus stop. Immediately past the bus stop, turn left along a pathway (14).
Q. Walk along the path, bearing right after 65 yards, then go past some garages into Maltings Road. Walk northwards along Maltings Road, straight ahead over the roundabout, and continue along the cul-de-sac opposite.
R. Bear left along an enclosed path at the far end of the cul-de sac (15) and follow the path for 250 yards to Church Street. 
S. Turn right then left along The Bringey (16) for 250 yards to Baddow Hall School.
T. Turn right in front of the school to continue along The Bringey, now walking east (17).Continue through the underpass and for a further 300 yards to the junction with Molrams Lane and Woodhill Road(18).
U. Go straight across Molrams Lane into Woodhill Road and continue walking east for a third of a mile to Sandon village green, where this section of the Centenary Circle terminates.
V. The Crown is on your right, across the green, and the bus stop for buses into Chelmsford is 75 yards ahead on Woodhill Road, just past the junction with Brick Kiln Road.

pdf Download Description & Directions PDF here



Download PDF photo-set here pdf
1 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 2 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 3 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
4 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 5 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 6 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
7 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 8 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 9 Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
10Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 11Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 12Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
13Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 14Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 15Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
16Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 17Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon 18Centenary Circle: Galleywood to Sandon
Download PDF photo-set here pdf