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The Centenary Circle - Broomfield to Writtle

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Description & Map

Title: The Centenary Circle - Broomfield to Writtle
OS map extract 
[Click image to enlarge] Distance: 4½ miles
Time taken: 2 hours
Start Point:Main Road, Broomfield
OS Explorer Map: 183
Grid Ref.: TL 708 100
To Broomfield: Buses 42,70 from Chelmsford Bus Station
From Writtle: 1, 7, 32 & 45 into Chelmsford
Refreshment: The Rose and Crown, Writtle

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Bing map Broomfield to Writtle Map (Bing OS 1:25k)
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Walk Description

This is a lovely section of the Centenary Circle. There is very little urban walking and the footpaths through the countryside are clear and in the main, well maintained. Although there is a lot of field edge walking, the lie of the land is such that there are pleasant, open views across the fields most of the time. The last section of the walk takes you along an ancient green lane into the pretty village of Writtle, complete with its duck pond, village green, and friendly pubs.

June 2015: Please note: The definitive path has been changed in section 'N', 'O' & 'P' since our directions were written. These changes are not yet shown on Ordnance Survey maps. Our directions will be updated shortly but in the meantime please amend the instructions for Point 12 to pass to the right (west) of Brickbarns Farm and follow signage from there onwards south.

Next section: Writtle to Galleywood


pdf Download Description & Directions PDF here

A. This section of the Centenary Circle starts on Main Road, Broomfield, about 100 yards north of The Angel.
B. Walk north away from The Angel for about 150 yards, to the junction with Mill Lane. Opposite this junction, turn left to walk west along an enclosed footpath (1).
C. Continue along this path for about 400 yards to the top of a residential road (Goulton Road). Turn right, between the bungalow fence and a hedge, then turn left to skirt around the bungalow (2).  
D. Walk westwards along the enclosed path for 250 yards, then continue west across a field towards Stacey's Farm (3).
E. Immediately before the farmhouse driveway, turn right in front of the hedge to walk north with the field on your right (4).
F. Follow the hedge line to the left skirting around the farmhouse, and when the hedge stops, continue straight on beside a ditch for 250 yards (5).
G. At the far end of the field, turn left at the waymarker, crossing the ditch, and walk south for 80 yards. Follow the edge of the field around to the right and walk westwards for 250 yards.
H. You will arrive at a large field entrance and footpath junction, with footpaths leading off to the right and the left. Ignore both of these and instead fork right to cross a small section of field diagonally, heading north west towards the nearby hedge (6).
I. Go left along a plank footbridge through the hedge, then continue straight on with a hedge on your right for 250 yards. Bear left following the field edge. As you come near to a farm (called Beaumont Otes) the path kinks to the left following the line of the ditch (7).
J. As you approach the roadside you can see the next footpath slightly to your right, on the opposite side of the road. Cross the road then climb over a stile into a field and walk ahead with a hedge on your right, exiting the field via the stile opposite (8).
K. Continue straight ahead with a hedge on your right until the hedge turns hard right. At that point, turn half left to walk southwards across the field towards a waymarker that can just be seen at the end of a line of trees (9).
L. When you reach the waymarker bear left again to walk south, with the trees on your left. After 250 yards you will come to a large gap: go through to continue walking south, now with a hedge line on your right (10).
M. About 200 yards later cross back through the hedge and walk across the field, cutting off the south east corner, towards Mashbury Road, reaching the roadside just to the left of a large barn at Brickbarns Farm (11).
N. Cross the road and turn right for a few yards then turn left to enter Brickbarns Farmyard. Walk along the track through the farmyard and exit via a gap to the right of some buildings beside a gate (12).
O. Bear right to walk along the cross field path (13), then at the facing hedge turn left to go south with the hedge on your right.
P. After about 130 yards you will come to a waymarker directing you to cross the field to your left. This path heads east across the field then hairpins back again. However it is not always maintained and most people continue walking along the field edge for another 130 yards to a grassy bridge on the right, where you rejoin the official footpath. (14).
Q. Cross the grassy bridge and then turn left to walk along the field edge southwards, then west. In the south west corner of the field look for a plank bridge (which might be a bit overgrown) across the ditch into the adjacent field, then turn south along this field edge (15).
R. Continue walking south, initially with a hedge on your left and then across the field, to the A1060. Cross the road and turn left to walk past a petrol station, then immediately turn right along Lawford Lane (16).
S. Walk south down Lawford Lane for 270 yards then bear right and then left to continue along the lane, crossing the bridge over the Can (17).
T. Immediately after the bridge there is a footpath off to the right, and 100 yards later, a bridleway also leading off to the right. Ignore both of these and continue along the lane.
U. For the next half a mile the lane becomes a beautiful green lane, which has existed for at least 800 years. Continue walking along this all the way into Writtle (18).
V. Follow the residential road round to the right into the older part of the village, then turn left along the grass to Bridge Street, where this section of the Centenary Circle ends.
W. For the Rose & Crown, turn right up The Green walking past the village pond and green. The pub is at the westernmost end of the green.

pdf Download Description & Directions PDF here



Download PDF photo-set here pdf
1 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 2 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 3 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
4 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 5 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 6 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
7 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 8 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 9 Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
10Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 11Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 12Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
13Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 14Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 15Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
16Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 17Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle 18Centenary Circle: Broomfield to Writtle
Download PDF photo-set here pdf