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Essex Walks:

GPX Files


GPX, or GPS exchange format, is an XML file format for storing coordinate data. It can store waypoints, tracks, and routes in a standard format which can be transferred between devices.

All Essex Walks routes have a GPX file.
If you wish to get a copy of a GPX file to use in another application for the purposes of assisting you in a walk, a copy will be emailed to you on the strict understanding that you will not share or copy this file to any other website, or forward its contents to any other person or organisation attempting to make commercial use of it, or pass it off as their own work.

Please indicate in your email that you agree to these terms when emailing stating which walk you are interested in.

Legal conditions for use of Essex Walks files can be found at About

Import an Essex Walk into your Garmin GPSr

Website to Garmin

Tracks are split into sections of < 500 waypoints. So for example, Adm McHardy Way will appear in the Tracks menu as 1_AdmMchardy and 2_AdmMcHardy.
Some older models may accept only 250 points per saved track, and will truncate the track. If this happens you can use software such as GPS TrackMaker to load the GPX track as an Active Log into the live memory of your Garmin, which doesn't have this limit.
Waypoints are included in the validated standard GPX files along with track data, but recent Garmin GPSrs, eg GPSMap62, won't show them on the map when you display the imported track. Strangely, the waypoints are viewable when the device is linked to 'BaseCamp', and "Internal Storage" is viewed.
To view waypoints on the map in the new Garmins, you need to select both the waypoints and track from internal memory and File>Export this list to your hard drive as a new .gpx file. Open a new list and re-import the .gpx file back into it. Selecting the new list, 'Send to..' the GPS device. This process splits the data into 2 files on the device: 'Track.gpx' and 'Waypoints.gpx' which seems to be the only way that it can read the data.

Please note: Under the copyright licence, downloading Essex Walks GPX files is only permitted for your personal use, re-publishing of this data in any medium is not permitted without full attribution to, and uploading or copying this work to commercial websites or publishers is strictly forbidden without exception.