Essex Walks: Views - 360° Virtual Tours

360° Panoramas on Essex Walks

Great Bromley tour
Great Bromley - St George (! wonderful hammerbeam roof)

Sandon tour
Sandon Green and St Andrews Church - the quintessential English village

Layer Marney tour
Layer Marney - St Mary's Church - Tudor splendour

Copford - St Michael (! medieval paintings)

Essex Walks 360° Photospheres on Google Views

Googlespheres by Essex Walksr
Containing the following scenes:

Little Bromley - St Mary's Church,   St Botolph's Priory, Colchester,   Littlebury - Holy Trinity Church (tour with 3 views),   Roydon, Essex - Village Green and Church,   Roydon - St Peter's Church,   Coggeshall - St Peter ad Vincula (interior),   Coggeshall - St Peter ad Vincula,   Little Tey - St James the Less (tour: inside and out),   Kelvedon, Essex - St Mary,   Peldon - St Mary the Virgin (tour:inside and out),   South Weald, Essex - St Peter,   Layer de la Haye, Essex,   Terling - Village Green & All Saints,   Terling - All Saints,   Terling - All Saints - South Aisle & Font,   St Nicholas, Little Braxted, Essex,   Sturmer, Essex - St Mary's Church,   Inside Helions Bumpstead Church,   St Michael - Copford, Essex,   Brentwood Cemetary, Essex,   Little Baddow Church, Essex,   Fyfield,Essex - St Nicholas,   High Ongar - St Mary's Church,   Hadleigh - St James the Less,   Pitsea - St Michael's Tower,   North Benfleet - All Saints Church,   Langford Bridge, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex,   St Thomas's Chapel, Brentwood, Essex,   Great Myles, Kelvedon Hatch,   Good Easter - St Andrew's Church on the Essex Way,   Shenfield - St Mary (W),   Little Warley - St Peter

This section of Essex Walks is a collection of 3D spherical panoramas of historic architecture around Essex.

The successive invasions of Romans, Saxons and Normans heavily influenced the placement and style of churches in particular, and Essex has over 400 church buildings which are listed. Many village churches today stand in isolation next to the manor house or hall. This apparently puzzling situation is the result of them having originally been the property of the lord of the manor and of subsequent settlement shift, and also of the dispersed (as opposed to nucleated) settlement pattern which characterises parts of the Essex countryside.

The parish church occupies a unique position in the landscape, symbolising the life and history of the community in which it is situated. In the monuments, glass, fittings and furnishings it is often possible to trace the outline of the history of the parish, and also the evolution of changing architectural and artistic fashion from the Middle Ages up till the present day. Essex churches range from small buildings tucked away in surprisingly rural locations, little altered in the last 500 years, to fine gothic buildings which reflect the prosperity of the medieval wool and cloth industry in the north of the county.

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